Facing the exceptional situation we find ourselves in due to the sanitary crisis caused by COVID-19 and the restrictions in mobility set in place by different countries, at Brava Hoteles we have taken several actions to make the reservation terms and conditions more flexible and guarantee the security during the stay for all our guests as well as for our staff and partners.

On this page you will find the details regarding the measures that have been established, hoping that they can be useful to you and clear the doubts you might have. We would like to kindly remind you that we are at your entire disposal on our email address and our telephone services. We would like to apologize beforehand for any delay or extended waiting times that you may experience due to the high volume of requests received.

We must as well inform you that the regular activity of our hotels might be affected by the mentioned measures and some of our facilities or services may differ from those described on our web pages. By making your reservation you are expressing the acceptance of this terms and conditions.

We thank you for your comprehension and, please, do not hesitate to contact us should there be anything that we could do for you.





At Brava Hoteles we understand that you might feel some uncertainty while planning your journey, so, in order to make the handling of your reservation as most comfortable and easy as we can, we have made our cancelation policy more flexible, offering the possibility of modifying (subject to each hotel’s availability) or cancelling all those reservations with check-in date up to 8th July 2020 free of charge.

Furthermore, all new reservations offer a free cancellation policy until 48h prior to the arrival at the hotel. Make your booking without compromise.

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At Brava Hoteles, our top priority has always been guarantying the wellbeing and security of our guests and customers as well as our staff and partners, re-evaluating and improving constantly our operating procedures and prevention protocols to accomplish the highest standards, exceeding at all times the demands and recommendations of the competent authorities.

For that reason, we have decided to take advantage of the chance that the temporary closing of our properties offers us to establish new procedures that allow us to improve the security of our facilities, giving a special attention to the proper training of each of our staff members. Our commitment is to guarantee the appliance of all the protocols that give our customers the peace of mind of knowing that all the risks have been assessed and the convenient actions have been carried out to avoid them.

With that goal on mind, more than 20 additional procedures have been set in place to offer the guidelines to follow in the new normal of the accommodation industry and that will be of mandatory appliance in all the departments of our hotels: reception, housekeeping (cleaning service), restaurant and bar, kitchen and food production or handling areas, goods reception and warehouse, technical services, transportation and offices.

We know that the correct appliance of these new procedures will depend on the performance of each one of the professionals that make part of Brava Hoteles and that is why we have developed an exhaustive training program, specific for every staff member to provide him with a complete and detailed knowledge of his competences, responsibilities and duties in front of the challenges that the hotel industry must face.

On top of that, a careful supervision and monitoring of the staff members’ health condition will be carried out, checking the employee’s temperature before the beginning of the working shift and providing our staff with all the required protection equipment.



Our rooms have always been safe spaces for our guests, complying with the highest hygiene standards. With the goal of minimizing risks and making the operation of our housekeeping staff as easy as possible, we have added new measures to our already safe cleaning procedures, executed with top-quality certified chemicals products for professional use.

These measures include the removal of all those unnecessary items in the rooms that could represent a risk due to their handling, such as coffee machines or magazines. Toiletries and room amenities are as well reduced to the essential, welcoming our guests to reach out to our front office members to request any additional ones, such as a dental kit, a comb or a shaving kit.

covid-19 medidas de higiene y seguridad

During the cleaning process our staff will make mandatory use of the personal protection equipment, which has been upgraded so that all our employees can operate with the maximum guarantees for their security. Improving the existing practices, we will continue to apply a four coloured code when using cloths to clean separately glass, surfaces, bathrooms and toilets; this cloths will be single-used and replaced from one room to another. Our housekeeping staff will operate using two trolleys so that there cannot exist a contact between the material removed from the rooms and the clean one. In addition to the regular disinfection with bactericide, fungicide and virucide product of items such as telephones, television remote controls, door knobs, handles and switches, a complete disinfection of all the surfaces of the room, including doors, walls and curtains, will take place after the guest’s departure.

A special attention will be given to those rooms hosting guests with suspicious symptoms or confirmed cases of coronavirus and a specialized disinfection team will be appointed and specifically trained to handle those rooms. Furthermore, we will take on a careful surveillance of our guest’s health condition and those who cannot be transferred to a hospital will be accommodated in a specific area of the hotel reserved to maintain the required distancing and where strict security measures have been set in place, including a higher rate on the disinfection procedures frequency.



Our reception desks are some of the spaces that will undergo the biggest changes in order to adapt to the new requirements of the accommodation industry. Amongst those, the new measures include reducing the maximum hotel occupancy to avoid crowds, implementing new check-in procedures that reduce or avoid the handout and handling of documents as much as possible, checking our guests’ temperature upon arrival, installing protective screens in our reception desks, the respect and compulsory appliance of the distancing measures and the mandatory use of personal protective equipment by each of our staff members, disinfecting work stations upon the end of the work shift and the use of virtual communication systems with our guest to minimize physical contact. At the front desk, as well as in other public areas of the hotel, a sanitizing station will be present with hydroalcoholic solution to clean your hands.



Our commitment is that our guests and customers feel safe while making use of our facilities. To meet this goal, our bars and restaurants will apply a set of exceptional measures that include the mandatory hand disinfection with hydroalcoholic solution upon accessing the facilities, the reduction of the venue’s maximum occupancy and the rearrangement of the restaurant layout to increase the distance between tables, a convenient and coherent sitting assignment that allows the biggest distancing between our guests, the use of single-use table cloths and the disinfection of the surface and chairs after each service using food-safe bactericide, fungicide and virucide product. The presentation of our gastronomic offer may suffer some changes as well, as more single-packaged and individually portioned items will be displayed. All the staff members at the bar, restaurant and kitchen will make mandatory use of their personal protection equipment and follow strictly all distancing procedures.





In order to guarantee the security in our swimming pool areas, the maximum occupancy will be limited and the distance between sun beds will be increased to ensure proper distancing. The pool’s disinfection and maintenance procedures, as well as the water quality control mechanisms have been revisited and guarantee the highest protection of our guests’ health, including the new risks of our present situation.



All that has been exposed is a part of the set of actions taken in front of the situation we find ourselves in, but there are many more that include suppliers, transporters and partners to whom we demand the maximum guarantees and with whom we collaborate and work day after day to achieve a common victory on this fight.

At Brava Hoteles we hope that all our efforts give you the confidence to know that your future stays will be safe and you will be able to enjoy our fantastic destinations carelessly. On our side, we will continue working with the same enthusiasm and dedication to provide you with the best service; we are eager to pamper you again.

See you soon!